About Us

Hi, Many thanks for visiting my new website.  I am a fully qualified pet microchip implanter and pride myself as being very professional, and most of all care for the pets that I am implanting.  The biggest priority is that pets are microchipped as stress free as at all possible.  It is a legal requirement that all dogs must be microchipped and they are then added to a national data base.

I am qualified to microchip Puppies, Dogs, Kittens, Cats, Rabbits and Ferrets.  Depending on the age and size of the pet it may be required to use a mini microchip. The mini microchip is 8mm in diameter, where the standard chip is 12mm in diameter. The mini microchip is not commonly used in vet surgeries, they tend to only offer the standard chip.

The price of the mini microchip is slightly higher than the price, please ask me for more information

If you need your pet microchipping please contact me

Many Thanks Bob